Kris led the way in August, with David’s support, in beginning to discuss prototypes and getting manufacturer pricing.  Its like love and dating.  You go on a few dates, then want to go home.  But when you meet the one you will be with, you know it.  So it was.

Just like Edward Snowden of NSA kind, had to approach somebody, about his privileged information, so here, we knew we had a great product, but who to talk to that we could trust, and put our product in THEIR hands?

Security, intellectual property, controls, trademarks, lawyers.  A exciting summer.

We are first to market, at least at the scale we intend.  Help us get there, and you will share with us.  Our position then.  And now.


Labor Day was coming soon, but we had to push.  And we did.  Time to get to work!

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