NATO Lunch-in

Manufacturer ‘Two’ as we call them was going to be in Portland and asked if they could meet with us. Kris preferred that they meet with David, who asked when and if they were into the Seattle area, if they could meet with him up in Tacoma close to his office? They said yes.

Lunch you know is never just lunch. You check them out. They check you out. Turned out fabulous. You never really know people till you know them. Turns out, their VP of Sales was a body guard to The NATO Commander in Germany, and teaches college in the evening. My goodness.

We agreed to see about distributing their industrial brushes in Australia, accessing that if they did 5% of a $50M market, that would be 2.5M. Needless to say, if ‘for starters’ we did just 100k, that would be a good start. They have exclusive rights, to a compound created by a Fortune 100 company, and mining and metals in Australia, given our existing position in the building materials industry makes us an ideal fit–they say. We agree.


Knowledge manager, who can create, plan, furnish, operate, refine, and deliver complex processes involving people, products, results.

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