Facebook Seals the Deal!

Facebook is not just cute photos and pictures of dinner.  Its way more than that.  And for any of you who have ever made a major initiative, to put on an event, assemble a group of persons, coordinate a movement, or tie together mutual interests, then you know just how powerful a tool it CAN BE.

One of our key contributors was an early adopter at Linked-In, early at Twitter and was a power user with a strong following, and had a well regarded blog, with over 100,000 readers, so when we tell you THEY REFUSED TO GO ON FACEBOOK, FOR YEARS… only to realize much latter, its power, we can tell you that we mean that we are there.

Now that our webpage is roughed out, has pricing, product lists, and now our newsletter has been drafted, it is a close step, not too far, back to Facebook.  And we will.

This is our one of our next steps and will be reaching out to many of you out there, in FireWise, local government, Fire Districts, Forest Service, Installers, Producers.  All of it.  We look forward to meeting you.  For now, we are here:  CleverSeal Pan America, Facebook.

Its all too easy to ‘just do Facebook’ without consciousness.  But done correctly, its a powerful tool to share about powerful thinking, connecting you to the people who matter to you, learning about them and they of you.  More to follow…

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