Our co-owner, Bruce Kushert, has charged Cleverseal Pan Americas with the task, of creating a systematic supply chain process, where he could make an order for Brush from our two main suppliers, and submitting product codes, be able to know reliably how soon an order would be acknowledged, priced, ordered, confirmed, with filament received, manufacturing times, contingency times, time to package, pick up for shipment, ocean freight forwarding, off load into Australia.

One step at a time–easy. As a totality, to do it well? UPS, Apple, Amazon, even Google, Pepsi, GE, they all had to figure it out. Now it is our turn.

Not as an ad-hoc, one off process, but a steady flow of orders, production, packaging, delivery, then into the hands of customers….

Add time zones, multi-currency, countries, work styles, different suppliers, metric to SAE and English dimensions back to metric? Add aluminum, chemistry, oceans, wood cases, competitors, tariffs, taxes, spreadsheets, banking……. it adds up.

We live in interesting times!

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