SoundCloud Comes After YouTube

We all have seen the power of YouTube.  Besides the usual humor, news, remarkable stunts, struts, dives, and talented singers and athletic performances, replays, and rewinds in political embarrassment and social faux pas, its a way to take YOUR content, and put it somewhere else for others to see, or, conversely, a place you can post to, THEN copy to your Facebook, twitter, blogger, WordPress.

SoundCloud similarly (click here, for random example).  Besides much music, this is a great way to host your audio content, and we have the good fortune, to partner with a leading digital media studio of Seattle, Tom Fallats Sound Sound Studios, who will be helping us present Cleverseal President, Kris Schade tell the CleverSeal story live.

We have samples of brush, cut sections of aluminum, we can give you prices and quotes and tell you the real value of the FireWise approach, but its also just good to hear, the people who created us, tell us how it all works and what it means.  Thereafter, we will get Kris and co-founders Bruce and Carmen together live.  Stay tuned.

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