NASA Study Validated Effectiveness of Nylon Brush Against Dust Migration

To quote a study by Gaier and Berkebile of the Glenn Research Center in Ohio:  ‘NASA/TM—2012-217213 10, from March 2012–AIAA–2012–0875: ‘Implications of Adhesion Studies for Dust Mitigation on Thermal Control Surfaces

‘Brushing Experiments:  Concern was raised during the Apollo program about the effect that lunar dust would have on thermal control surfaces, particularly with regard to the radiators on the LRVs which were used on the last three missions.

A study was published that evaluated the effectiveness of different types of brushes in removing lunar soil and dust. Using soil returned from Apollo 12, they concluded that a nylon bristle brush would be effective to remove dust from the LRV radiator, and return it to nominal function.  Five different nylon bristle brushes were tested that varied in bristle diameter, bristle length, brush configuration, and bristle packing density’.

Four other bristle materials … were tested for comparison’… varied in bristle diameter, length, configuration, and density.  ‘The nylon bristle removed more than 90 percent of the dust and PTFE bristle removed nearly 80 percent of the dust from AZ93, as determined by particle counting. … The carbon bristle brush was found to be ineffective, but fiberglass and nylon brushes were found to be equally effective.  

Both the fan brush and round brush designs proved to be more effective than the strip brushes tested in the first stage.  Longer bristles were found to be more effective at removing dust than shorter bristles, though the effect seems less important than brush material.  Click here, to read more about ‘Implications of Adhesion Studies for Dust

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