Customer Accolade for Cobra against severe flooding!

As you may have heard, there was severe rain and deluge like rains in Queeensland Australia, similar to what we saw last week in Texas. Appears climate change is here to stay. Someone wrote, to let us know JUST HOW well the Cobra acted against severe flooding and high water.

They wrote us, on Tue, Apr 21, 2015 at 11:32 PM
To: CleverSeal Pan Americas

‘Hi again Kris,

We’ve never seen so many trees down, lots of home smashed in half or worse add to that the blown in garage, factory doors.

(We) had ‘a call from a customer who lives lakeside on Lake Macquarie that (a CleverSeal employee) Steve fitted a COBRA to on his boat shed door using 50mm brush, using that length to cut‐out around the tracks for his boat ramp.

‘The last storm this size, the guy had lake water inside and it caused all his freezers/fridges to short out and he told us that he went to see how bad he was flooded……

‘High water mark on the door 50mm above the top of the COBRA…

Inside just a small strip of salt water, no flooding!!!

‘He`s amazed… so am I.’

Knew it was pretty good but damming 100mm depth of a huge lake….WOW!!!!

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