Best of Breed


Best of Breed

We evaluated forty of the best brush manufacturers in the United States, and found not just one, but two of the best of the best.  So we had to hire them both.  This gives us access to some hundreds of years of experience, as the Presidents of both companies grew up in the brush business.  We know sure know our aluminum; and they sure know their bush which makes us an ideal talented team as we continue to build CinderSeal.  Ask us anything.


 Australia gave us a large order of brush, for its further expansion in Australia and New Zealand, and cannot wait to get their hands on our current shipment, knowing it is the best flame retardant brush made on earth.  We looked at different sizes and thicknesses, and have achieved the optimal blend of coverage yet flexibility.  Our warehouse in Australia has over seventy miles of brush and aluminum—enough to get you from Portland to Albany Oregon.  Imagine that.  And we are getting brush in all the time…


Kris is ready to manufacture aluminum locally, but are in final testing for varieties of local demand, with a case of over 1,000 pounds of brushes fitted to our wonderfully Clever extrusions, set to arrive in our Portland location in early March—we all know about work slowdown in the various Ports and that includes us.  But we expect to get our next shipment of product in the next few week and surely be putting it in your hands.  This is the best in the world, a Swiss Army Knife–mated to a German BMW to a European Watch but instead for garage doors!


We now have our price list.  Whether you want dealer shipments of twenty or one hundred profiles, ask us and we will work with you to fill your order efficiently.  We will work with you.  Large orders might not immediate, but you will get the best seals that can be found in the world.  We want to work with you.

New Products

CinderSeal is more than garage door seals, specifically garage door seals.  Our special brush has applications in solar panel cleaning, telecommunications, vertical transport (elevators, etc.), and data centers.  Let us quote you an estimate for your door seal systems for any indicated price, any needed volume, and time required to meet your most specific needs.  We know garage doors, we know brush, and we know how to fit it perfectly to aluminum profiles.  It’s our business.


We use Class Two Aluminum, but can also provide product in black, tan, or white finishes.

CinderSeal, Wet or Cold

CinderSeal is more than just a remedy for fire.  We have engineered the perfect solution for cold, drafty, or wet conditions, and our regular brushes can seal not just tops and sides, but door bottoms.  Think Space Shuttle comes to door bottoms and you have the concept.  Our brushes can be as narrow as ½” all the way to four, even five inches wide.  

This means we can furnish seals for tilt up, panel lift, or roller shutter doors, and also large industrial doors for major industry, manufacturing, auto body shop, trucking and logistics, food production and storage.  


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