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Our Very First Newsletter, CinderSeal Voice 01 **

Saying Goodbye Winter and Welcome to Spring **

Introducing Us ** 

Please let us share with you today this one time our newsletter about our newly formed business.  We are good friends with the world-leading company in garage door seals for dry, fire-prone, dusty and wet areas.  And after a carefully planned evaluation, we hereby announce the launch of service around Bend and in Deschutes County.

The great similarity with harsh Australian climates, where we have innovated since 2007, makes your community an ideal fit with our line.  We service all of Oregon from Portland down to Medford including the entire coast (below L).  Territory reaches both Western and Eastern Washington including Vancouver, Northern California including Sacramento, and Boise and Reno (below R).


Besides our fit with the Firewise approach with (scaled setbacks and carefully selected flame retardant building materials), our robust door-seal systems also keep the worst wet from penetrating under or into door sides, help keep out wind and cold, and eliminate dust and pests.

Our Beginnings, With Major Fires in Australia

CinderSeal is the brainchild of Bruce, an Aussie, who has been installing garage doors for over three decades.  And thus our story begins with the terrible raging bush-fire in Victoria in Southern Australia in 2009 where 173 persons died.

“It went through like a bullet,” Darren Webb-Johnson, from the small rural town of Kinglake, told Sky TV. “The service station went, the takeaway store across the road went, cylinders [exploded] left, right and center, and 80% of the town burnt down to the ground.”  

This made it made it the deadliest fire since the famous ‘Ash Wednesday fires of 1983’ which burned 770 square miles, killed 75 persons, and razed 3,000 homes.  The Australian Governments thereby put out a major initiative, resolving to have all homes fitted with flame retardant garage door seals.

Bruce helped shaped this from the beginning, having been called upon by governmental, regulatory, and industry round tables, weighing in as to performance, configuration, policy, and specifications for garage door seals.

He has thus been instrumental in seeding our industry, in both the creation, adoption, and refinement of standards and best practices.  Thus CinderSeal has been a major driver of the growth of our emergent market, and is responsible for innovations installed across all of Australia and New Zealand, and now soon to be adopted across all of Oregon and the Pacific Northwest.  Click here, for Our Story, or more as to how we got started.

What if Thomas Edison Did Garage Doors?

Given Bruce’s significant role in the last decade in shaping flame retardant garage doors, he has refined his methods by persistent experimentation and thousands of  trials—bending, milling, fitting, drawing, and refining till he arrived at the most optimal configuration and profile for each door type.  Read more here about Resolution, or more about how he determined to try every possible extrusion of aluminum and fashioned brush for every angle and thickness until he found the best combinations.

Scope:  Installations and Customers

 Australia’s products are now installed in over 40,000 homes and commercial facilities, in Australia and New Zealand.  CinderSeal aims to be similarly positioned for rapid growth in North America, starting with the West Coast, the Pacific Northwest specifically.  And of course as we have shared, first in Central Oregon and the Willamette Valley.  Dry and wet tested to the limit.  According to our system, our warehouse in Australia has well OVER seventy miles of filament brush and accompanying aluminum channels.

What Do We Do?

Fire:  Besides our proprietary CinderSeals which retard or inhibit combustion (one) in a particularly susceptible part of most home, there are five or six  other things we do:

  • Wet:  Our proprietary CinderSeals are designed to keep out water in the most demanding wet conditions (two)
  • Polar Vortex:  Keep intense penetration of cold air and drafts (three),
  • Keep Out:  Unwanted mites, insects, rodents from getting in gaps (four),
  • Keep Out:  Contain intense summer heat (five).
  • Tracking:  Additionally CinderSeal ensure a smooth, quiet, rattle free operation, eliminating need for plastic door hardware prone to failure.

Here are some images of our products, with brushes and seals.  Or click here for additional information, under Range of Products.


Filament Closing Gaps, Mounted on our Proprietary Extrusions (Above L).  

Tilt up doors, with seals on all sides, bottom, sides, and top as needed ( Above R).


For Roller Shutter doors, our proprietary seals firmly close off gaps.  Brush has elastic memory, and springs back into position after moving (L).  Side seals ®


Filling in gaps on any profile door (L).  Top and bottom, filling corners (R).


We call ourselves CinderSeal for a reason! (Above L), Dinky-Dike, robust water stoppage to last (Above R).

CLEVERSEAL COBRA-L ISO.jpg     #67450V.jpg

Here is a sample of our Profile Designs (Above L Cobra, Above R 67540V)

Homes, Our Largest Investments

Besides great damage, fire is costly, and apart from loss of major property, can result in real physical harm or injury.  And with climate change, we are seeing more intense weather with each passing year.  More concentrated rain, more dryness and drought, more swings of extreme are unfortunately becoming much more frequent, if not expected to increase as we all hear about in the news daily now.

Three things drive life–physicality, mobility, and shelter.  Thus health, safety, and property are the major ingredients of any lifestyle.  It’s how we occur in the world.   Click CinderSeal–A Firewise, Urban Wildfire Prevention Approach for more discussion as to what wellness, transport, and dwelling have to say about one of the most important things in our life–home, and how to protect it.

Meet our Team

CleverSeals co-founder Kris Schade has a background in doors and windows, and helped CleverSeal get off the ground in Australia.  Kris and his wife Connie live in Portland, but have family ties in Bend, Klamath Falls, Grants Pass, Yakima, to Montana.  Besides his beloved wife, Kris loves his two dogs Marla and Sammy, goes fishing when he can, and even at age 57 is serious about hooping it up on the hardcourt.  Need we mention that his 6’-5” 237 pound frame and infectious enthusiasm makes him hard to miss.  He still loves his food and knows how to cook in more ways than one!

Kris drives sales for us, and has had a major role in sowing the seed of sharing our CinderSeal brands in North America.  Click here for Team, or more about the rest of us who help Kris make the group effort of CleverSeal happen.

CleverSeal in Action

We evaluated forty of the best brush manufacturers in the United States, and found not just one, but two of the best of the best.  So we had to hire them both.  This gives us access to some hundreds of years of experience, as the Presidents of both companies grew up in the brush business.  We sure know our aluminum; and they sure know their brush which makes us an ideal talented team as we continue to build Cinderseal.  Ask us anything.  Click here, under Best of Breed for more information about the scope of our enterprise, from import to export, manufacture to distribution.


We now have our Price List.  Whether you want dealer shipments of twenty or one hundred profiles, ask us and we will work with you to fill your order efficiently.  Large orders might not fill immediately, but you will get among the best seals that can be found in this world.  We want to work with you.

Wide Range of Products

CinderSeal is more than garage door seals.  Our special brush has applications in solar panel cleaning, telecommunications, vertical transport (elevators, etc.), and data centers.  Let us quote you an estimate for your door seal systems for any indicated price, any needed volume, and time required to meet your most specific needs.  We know doors, we know brush, and we know how to fit it perfectly to aluminum profiles.  It’s our business.

CinderSeal, Wet or Cold

CinderSeal is more than just a remedy for fire.  We have engineered the perfect solution for cold, drafty, or wet conditions, and our regular brushes can seal not just tops and sides, but door bottoms.  Think Space Shuttle comes to door bottoms and you have the concept.  Our brushes can be as narrow as ½” all the way to four, even five inches wide.

This means we can furnish seals for tilt up, panel lift, or roller shutter doors, and also large industrial doors for major industry, manufacturing, auto body shop, trucking and logistics, food production and storage.


We have great friends around the world!  And one of our dearest and best is Joe Davino of Sydney Australia.  At the Annual Door Expo in Las Vegas, aka as the ‘IDA show’, his company Deltra Warrington Garage Door achieved recognition by receiving the ‘International Dealer Award’ for 2014:  ‘Dealers only. The International Dealer Award is awarded to garage door dealer companies operating outside the United States or its possessions.  Click here to read more about Joe.

Wildfires and Drought:

Of course, in a natural setting, cycles of growth, burn and replenishment work in harmony to reset nature.  But mankinds penchant for building increases density and thus proximity to nature encroaches upon the wilds.  Principally the drive of this, is the desire to live among beauty, often in hilly, mountainous, or picturesque dry areas.  This has guaranteed the incidence of wildfires and threat to settlement, especially given increased drought given severe climate change that is here to stay.  Click here to read more about Wildfires and Drought in the United States.

‘Shocking footage of the fires was recorded by media outlets and individual citizens.  Click here, for above video of Oakland Hills Firestorm.

To read further, see the ‘10 of the worst wildfires in U.S. history’, by Bryon Nelson.

Other Firewise Communities are well established in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Arizona, and California.  It has also taken hold in New Mexico, Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, and Texas.  Firewise is a trend born of necessity, and not just in the Western States.  There are too many to mention.  

To give one example, as the Oregon Department of Forestry, Firewise Communities USA says:  ‘Are you interested in helping protect your community from the risk of catastrophic wildfire? Firewise Communities/USA may be for you!  The Firewise Communities/USA program iops a resource for communities, tribes, fire departments and organizations who are working toward a common goal: to reduce loss of lives, property, and resources to wildland fire by building and maintaining communities compatible with their natural surroundings.’

FireWise Community in Bend

Click here, for video, FireWise Community in Bend.

One last Word

You have seen our webpage.  This is where the content of this newsletter springs from.CinderSeal is now also on Facebook.  Please send us your friend request, so we can find you there, if you have not found us first.


CinderSeal, Kris Schade, President 503-278-7300,


If you wish to not receive this newsletter, which will come out four to six times per year, simply notify or write us and we promise to promptly remove you.


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