March News

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Cleverseal Voice 01—Saying Goodbye Winter and Welcome to Spring

Introducing Us

Please let us share with you today–this one time–our newsletter about our newly formed business.  

We are good friends with the world leading company in garage door seals for dry, dusty, fire-prone, and even wet areas.

And after carefully planned execution, we hereby announce the launch of service around Bend and in Deschutes County.  

The great similarity with the harshest Australian climates where we have innovated continuously since 2007, makes us an ideal fit with your community.  

Operating out of our Portland location, we also serve greater Oregon from Salem to Eugene, reaching down to Medford and up to Vancouver, then over to Astoria then and the entire coast.  


We also of course currently sell into both Western and Eastern WA, Idaho, Nevada, Northern CA:


Besides the fit with the Firewise approach of containment with scaled setbacks and carefully selected flame retardant building materials, our robust door seal systems also keep the worst wet from penetrating under or into door sides, help keep out wind and cold, and eliminate dust or pests.


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