How We Started


Our Story

CinderSeal is the brainchild of Bruce, an Aussie who has been installing garage doors for over three decades.  

The real start of CinderSeal begins with the terrible raging bush-fire from February 8th, 2009, where 84 persons died in Victoria in Southern Australia, making it the deadliest fire since the famous ‘Ash Wednesday fires of 1983’, which killed 75 persons and razed 3,000 homes.  770 square miles burned:  

‘Bushfires are an annual natural event in Australia, but’ that ’year a combination of scorching weather, drought and tinder-dry bush’ had ‘created prime conditions and raised pressure on the government’s climate change policy’.

As the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said, ‘”Hell and its fury have visited the good people of Victoria,” said Rudd on a visit to the disaster zone. “The nation grieves with Victoria.”

“It went through like a bullet,” Darren Webb-Johnson, from the small rural town of Kinglake, told Sky TV. “The service station went, the takeaway store across the road went, cylinders [exploded] left, right and center, and 80% of the town burnt down to the ground.”

Many of those confirmed dead were trapped in cars trying to flee, while state broadcaster the ABC showed pictures of the small town of Marysville razed.’


After these events, so as not to repeat the contributory factors, towards the great fire of 2009, the Australian Governments put out a major initiative to have all homes fitted with flame retardant garage door seals, and has been a major driver of the growth of installations and innovations from Perth to Sydney to Auckland, and now Portland to Bend to Medford.  


Bruce has been called upon by major round tables and industry and trade panels, weighting in as to performance, configuration, policy, and specifications for garage door seals.

He has thus been instrumental in driving this industry, in both the creation, adoption, and refinement of standards and best practices.  


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