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The Cinderseal and Cleverseal ‘solid-seal’ system seals both new and retrofit garage doors for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.  Our innovative blend of specialized brush seals and proprietary aluminum extrusions inhibits ignition by fire, prevents water penetration, and blocks air infiltration from cold or wind, and natural intrusion from animals, insects, and mites in all configurations.


Deterrence for Wildland-Urban Fire:

CinderSeal Bend-Fifty Series, System of seals and flame resistant bristle brush inhibits onset of fire, in one of the most flammable area of a house.  For Sectional Overhead-Doors, includes all standard openings ranging from 7’h x 9’w, to 8’h x 15’w.  Complete Kit includes trim, fasteners, and premium flame resistant seals.  Free shipping in territory.  Guaranteed for life.  CinderSeal is also available in all sizes for panel-lift, and roll-up metal doors.

 “Wildland-urban strategy and tactics assume the wildfire may pass through the residential area without wildfire containment. The wildland-urban strategy and tactics principally focus on preparing the home for the wildfire by reducing the potential for home ignition within the home ignition zone. Because of time constraints, most preparation has to occur before a wildfire occurs.”

IgnHomes i

Figure 1—In the context of wildland-urban fires, the homes are the fuel. The heat comes from burning materials adjacent to the home (e.g., vegetation, wood piles, and buildings) and firebrands (lofted burning embers) on the home. How close flames are to the home and whether or not firebrands contact the home determines how much heat the home receives.


Figure 2—Home ignition research over the last several years has exposed wall sections to crown fires. (a) Wall sections were placed at 33, 66, and 98 feet from the forest edge. (b) Ignition of the 33 ft wall section occurred during 3 out of 7 crown fires. No ignitions or significant scorch occurred on wall sections at 66 ft and 98 ft during any crown fire.

Under Door Seal, for Troublesome Wet Seal Conditions:

Cleverseal Cobra-Sixty, system prevents water penetration under garage doors, and is fully adaptable to to sloped or uneven surfaces.

Also, our Dinky-Dike-Eighty Series, interlocking system prevents water penetration under door in for the most intense conditions.  Both available in all sizes and configurations. Solid-Seal for Rodents, Dust, Cold, Wind:

Cleverseal Savana-Twenty Series, Effective and economic seal of doors when savings are called for, without need for flame retardation.


Cleverseal Evergreen Series, for light industrial, low rise commercial, small warehouse, and retail applications in all sizes, shapes, profiles.  Our Cleverseal Tundra Series for heavy industrial, food processing, aerospace, and large doors includes wide and robust profiles for heavy use, and we can furnish extra wide brushes for large openings and wide gaps. 


Cinderseal Palo Alto-Hundred Series for data center, computing, and vertical transportation industries.  We can make any brush to any size, and do custom orders, from half inch, to 6”, and includes flame resistant metal back strip brushes. 


Cinderseal Colonial Series, allows you to seal existing residential, commercial, and industrial applications against similar fire, water, climate, and nature.  Products vary by profile and size.

Kris Schade,

Sales | CleverSeal Pan Americas, T 503 278-7300, M 503 901-4773, F 503 901-XYZX  

E, W


Cleverseal has standard profiles to fit and sill, jamb, or head conditions.  We can visit with you and go into detail, but to give you some idea, here is what some of our shapes are like.  This is to furnished as an electronic catalog.

Flame resistant brushes, made of our own proprietary material, carefully fit into engineered slots, in aluminum channels:

COBRA profile

Similarly, our Dinky-Dike will keep water or dust out of the very worst of conditions:

DINKI-DIKE `Fixed in postion`

Side seals, for any industrial configuration, narrow or wide.  Keep out air, dust, resist fire:

IMG_4451      $_57 (1).JPG


5520 side jamb:

SOH #5520 JAMB

Cleverseal has operated continuously since 2009, growing from a small family business, to an active, market leading preferred first choice for specialize garage and overhead door solutions, tested in some of the harshest climates on earth.  With over one hundred dealers in its preferred network, Cleverseals partner employs over 10 persons, and is sought after by Fortune 1000 Companies for its technical, engineering, and manufacturing innovation, making it a first choice by for premium residential, energy efficient doors in mid-markets, and retrofit markets.  It also provides specialized commercial, applications in aerospace, defence, safety, chemical, food, and industrial.

CLEVERSEAL SOH Side Seal Options Lined interior options .jpg

i CLEVERSEAL SOH Isometric Elevation Stud wall. flush head.wall installation.jpg



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