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Given his key role, for the last decade Bruce has been continually refining his methods—bending, milling, fitting, drawing, and refining till he arrived at the most optimal profiles.  He tried every possible extrusion of aluminum and fashioned brush for every angle and thickens till he arrived at the best mix.  Eight years running now with no signs of slowing down–he now owns 53 dies for goodness sake.  But he had to start one door at a time, and is now number one or two in all of Australia and New Zealand.  Need something done?  Ask a busy person.    Put Thomas Edison to a garage door and you’d have the very Bruce himself!

Scope:  Installations and Customers

CleverSeal LLC of Australia’s products are now installed in over 40,000 homes and commercial facilities, in Australia and New Zealand.  Cleverseal Pan America aims to be similarly positioned for rapid growth in North America, starting with the West Coast, the Pacific Northwest specifically.  And of course as we have shared, first in Central Oregon and the Willamette Valley.  Dry and wet tested to the limit.

Scope of Business

According to our system, our warehouse in Australia has well OVER seventy miles of filament brush and accompanying aluminum channels.  

Cleverseal is now multinational and both exports specialized, best of breed flame retardant brush to Australia, and currently imports its patent pending aluminum to the United States.  

Cleverseal Pan America is currently putting into place strategic plans to produce aluminum in the United States, following proving in Oregon in 2015.  This means we will work extra with you, as new and valued installation and OEM distribution partners, whatever measures are needed to give our products the widest possible distribution.  

Scalability for Investors and Partners

If we can sell seals for 40,000 doors in a country with just the population of Australia, how many seals can be needed, in a nation fourteen times larger by population?  By being early to market, we hope that you will gain rewards by sharing our system with your customers, and so fortify your own range of products and services.  Call Kris to see about product features, pricing, and availability.


Our parent has exceeded millions in sales as a proven performer in a country of 24 million persons.  And now as a leader in flame resistant brush seals, felt that the reasons were compelling to scale this, in introducing our Cleverseal and Cinderseal systems to our nation of some 340 million persons–many with cars, and garages.


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