WUI Mitigation
Garages are vulnerable to wildfire. Combustibles are commonly stored there, and garage doors are typically more ‘leaky’ to embers than anything but vents.

Door types
The Great Garage Door Buyers Guide, Inforgraphic.

A small ember can get under your door, and lead to the spread of fire.  Our seals reduce this spread.  Here is a nice primer, from Firewise Communities, as to an overall approach to Urban Land wildfire prevention.

There are places in the United States where rain can penetrate horizontally, and our systems inhibit this.  ‘Rainwater, aided by gravity, creeps, seeps and runs where it’s not welcome. Most garages aren’t designed to be completely watertight, but if water ponds on the garage floor after every storm, it can get old quickly. Depending on the location of the garage in relationship to the driveway, and the scope of the problem, a few simple steps might help. In some cases, however, costly drainage measures are necessary to alleviate the problem.’

Dry conditions, especially in California, make the need to seal your garage, windows, and doors greater than ever.  Dust has a funny way of finding its way into unsealed garages.  Our system seeks to greatly inhibit this.

Cleverseal also serves the industrial sector, for food, manufacturing, public safety, chemical, and technology areas.  We can provide brushes up to 5 or even 6″ in width, for your most demanding applications.  Dust, wind, air penetration, are one of several ways the large gaps around garage doors are infiltrated by nature.

Fire Ratings
Our systems are fire-resistive, but are not UL rated.   UL ratings are about assemblies, scripted by local building codes.  While this is required by the Australian Government, this is an idea whose time has come in North America, but is not, as yet, required in most cities and municipalities.  Please talk to us about what CSP can do for your role in public safety policy.


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