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Meet our Team

CleverSeal Pan America’s co-founder Kris Schade has a background in doors and windows, and helped the original Cleverseal get off the ground in Australia.  Kris and his wife Connie live in Portland, but have family ties in Bend, Klamath Falls, Grants Pass, Yakima, and Idaho.  Besides his beloved wife, Kris loves his two large dogs Marla and Sammy, goes fishing when he can, and even at age 57 serious about hooping it upon the hardcourt.  Need we mention that his 6’-5” 237 pound frame and infectious enthusiasm makes him hard to miss.  He still loves his food and knows how to cook in more ways than one!


Kris drives sales for us, and has had a major role in sowing the seed of sharing our Cleverseal and Cinderseal brands in North America.  Besides his substantial record in building materials with thousands of customers, Kris also has had a great eye for property and real estate, having developed multiple greenbelt properties in Portland, with a great knack for value and visioning possibilities.

He was a major mover and shaker in the idea for and adoption of a multimedia concept proposed for the area around the Portland Coliseum and Rose Garden, besides his current obvious investment, strategic, and sales roles in Cleverseal Pan America LLC here in Oregon and Washington.

Kris is up and down the Willamette Valley, up to Vancouver, down the coast, and out to central and eastern Oregon, helping seal garage doors from fire, heat, dust, cold, and moisture.

Mark Wallace

Since our last newsletter, CSP is pleased to have hire Retired State Fire Marshall Emeritus, Mark Wallace of Salem, Or.


As you might know, he wrote the entire 24th chapter on Planning, in The Fire Chiefs Handbook 7th Edition, published by PennWell.


He has been advised CleverSeal Pan America’s President, Kris Schade, as to implementation, feasibility, strategy, and adoption.  As a result of Marks keen insights, CSP has accelerated its decision to expand to Colorado Spring and the South Oregon Coast.

Knowledge Management

CPS also retains its own technical team, with a specialist in organizational development, and includes finance, strategy, sales process, estimating, logistics, and communications.


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