Terms, Conditions, Specifications

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Standard sizes:
Aluminum extrusions and brushes are standard lengths, and cut to fit by installer or owners.

Product includes aluminum fasteners and standard anchors.

Standard brush is flame resistant material.  While we can quote standard nylon, as a savings, it is non-standard.

Our aluminum channels are standard aluminum 6063, and is anodized with a clear class II coating, which calls for a 0.0004” Min Oxide Thickness.  This protects against weather, and oxidation, and chalking, and makes for easier handling.

We can furnish tan, black, or natural finishes upon special request, but is non-standard.  Add an additional six weeks, for supply chain management.



How long is your product warranted for?  The Cinderseal and Cleverseal products are guaranteed for life.  We stand by our product.

How hard is your product to install?  Most DIY’s experience no problems installing our product.  You can cut your own aluminum with a chop-saw but requires a specialized blade.  You can snip your own brush easily with wire cutters, or, when you have exact information, we gladly cut it to your specifications for you.  Not everyone is equipped to do this themselves.

What do I need to get a quote?  We need to know the size, quantity, and profile.  We also need an email, and phone number, and best way to reach you.  We only require your exact address when you make the order, but do need to know your location.  Ideally, it is best if you can furnish digital photographs of the conditions when for a retrofit situation.


Starting out:

How do I inquire about getting a competitive quote, for your door seals?  Our inquiry form allows you to furnish your basic information, so we can provide the ideal system for the right door.  Click link here.  If you do not have an gmail account, you can email us your normal information in plain text to: cleverseal.pan.america@gmail.com.  We will input it into our system for you, or you can fax or mail it to the above address.  Or you can call our operations in Tacoma, at 253 214-4282 for help process your order.

Once you have furnished your measures and established the door type and profile needs, we usually send a quote within two to three days upon receipt of your information.  We email you your quote.  We find it works best, when you furnish digital photos of the exisiting conditions, so we can best get your the right profiles and shapes for the door and sizes you have.

Pricing is shown for standard orders, but for large orders, we will gladly quote you a competitive rate based on volume.


Once your order is acknowledged as complete, we will notify you of expected delivery time.  CSP delivers to its OEM’s, installers, distributors, and re-sellers within ten days of receipt and approval of orders.  Orders are processes in ten days, resulting in a four week lead time.  At the same time, we always strive to furnish your products sooner where feasible.

Most homeowners use our Paypal feature, but you can also mail a check or wire to our bank, if you prefer.   When it is made by check, products are free to ship once the check clears.  Paypal is 48 hours while processing completes.  

Products are sent ground via UPS.  FedEx or DHL is available.  Kit is sent in a rigid cardboard 3” rigid tube, to avoid bending.  Usually takes three days from day of shipment, to make it to most regional locations.


We try not to have problems but, it happens.  Products damaged in shipment, rare as it is, can happen.   Notify us and we will arrange pick up, and promptly ship you a replacement product.

Cleverseal stands behind its product.  If your order is damaged in transit, contact our operations in Tacoma, and we will issue and immediate resolution.

Cleverseal Pan America offers a lifetime warranty against failure by material or structural failure caused by our product material or configuration.  We replace product which does not perform to specifications.  We of course cannot replace product due to obvious abuse such as collision, excessive use, overload, failure to assemble correct.  Talk to us.  We are reasonable.

Service, Solutions
Our engineering department works late in the day in comparison to us, so are not quite 24/7 but open at 7 am, and operate till four.  At two pm, our parent in Australia is just open for business, at eight pm, so if we can get your prompt technical help, we will promptly try to expedite your inquiry.  We also operate in Washington, and process orders up to seven pm.


CleverSeal Pan America, 6312 SW Capitol Highway, Ste 274, Portland Oregon 97239, USA



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