USA Expansion

CSP is located in the Pacific Northwest, with a central office in Portland Oregon, and a branch office in Tacoma Washington.  Cleverseal Pan America is part of a successful business with millions in sales, has a product line of over one hundred items, and is proven and successfully installed in thousands of homes and commercial facilities.  Cleverseal’s parent is an enterprise with its own direct engineering, sales and marketing, and operational functionality.

CSP sources critical components in its process back to its parent’s warehouse, helps distribute ancillary but exclusive product to its parent, and is a distribution channel for further key components provided by its parent outside the USA.

Our inventory of brushes and extrusions is fully adaptable to a wide variety of conditions, and our warehouse has over one hundred miles of brush and aluminum inventory, to meet the demands of virtually any size project.  Our engineers are constantly improving designs, in striving for optimal performance.

We are exporters of flame resistant metal back strip brush to several countries, and also plan to develop distribution of American made specialized industrial brushes into major countries.

CSP is a new company, seeking to share our parents proven technology and solutions in an era of climate change and increasing need for sustainable buildings.  We are available for strategic partnerships and invite you to talk to us.  We are creative and personable, and seek to share what we have already done outside the United States in dry, wet, cold, and hot climates.


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